One single central location for your media files

Organize, value, share

A solution designed for every industry

Communication & Brand Management

Centralize your company's digital heritage. All your assets are archived, organized, indexed and available at any time.

Marketing & Products

Make available an easy-to-update product image database, a repository that complies with the various regulations. Phrasea interconnects with many PIMs.

Production & Creation

For creative teams, Phrasea offers all the features you need to improve your workflows and automate your assets production.


Beyond your imagination

Phrasea is a solution we have built to meet all the expectations of users and IT departments.

The software's power allows you to upload, read metadata, index in multiple languages, process with a true workflow engine (integration of multiple AIs, exchanges with your IS applications), search and sort in an ultra-intuitive way, collaborate, broadcast, publish... all with very precise management of access rights.

An architecture and a technological base designed for performance and rich functionality. 

Gestion de la photothèque / Digital asset management

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