A DAM tailored to your needs

Your digital content is available, usable and secure.

Phrasea is the single source of truth that centralizes and optimizes all your digital content, at the heart of your information system.

Phrasea is organized into independent services, 

individually scalable, communicating via an API.

An authentication service, based on Keycloak

An Uploader, 
to import all your content

to manage your assets

Expose, a service dedicated to publications

Capture and Organize your content

Adding media files to the DAM

Upload your digital assets with Phrasea Uploader

Import pictures, videos and other files from any device

Customizable input channels 

Pre-indexing fields with description templates

Transfer interruption management   

Duplicates management and non-compliant files

Automated imports: retrieve media from other applications

Indexing object storage or traditional file systems

Organizing your content in the media library


Organize and browse all your content very easily. They are organized into workspaces and hierarchical collections, containing assets indexed in multilingual documentary fields (attributes).

Access rights are managed at workspaces, collections and assets levels.
Tags can be used to apply transversal access rights to media.

Manage your photo gallery with Databox

  File management

Phrasea can capture your files, but also reference external sources.

Rendition creation

  Derived files generation to suit your needs

Phrasea can create derived files from your source files (renditions) or can outsource them to a third-party system, for specific formats, thanks to integrations. 

  Version control

The DAM manages document versions and their derived files. This is a feature for managing and tracking changes made to media.

Each different version is preserved, can be reused over time and is accessible in the document history.

Version control

Assets indexation

Assets indexation
Fields management

Creation and setup of the required fields. 

IA indexation

Submission of assets to third-party Artificial Intelligence (automatic keywording, text in image, subtitling, color analysis, shape and face recognition,...).

Data retrieval

Reading and writing metadata (IPTC, XMP, Exif, MP3, ID3, PDF, Dicom, Office,...).


Create and apply the content of document templates, for faster, easier input (apply several templates in a row).

Low code 

Phrasea includes a templating engine allowing to fill in the fields with technical information from the file and/or other document attributes. 

Thanks to its system of programmable workflows, you can also design your own processes.

Data exchange via API

Your assets, collections,  workspaces can be edited via API. (API First).
Reading and writing metadata from and to third-party applications.

Search efficiently and sort

  The search

With Phrasea, search in full text and use the operators as you would do with your usual search engine.

  Sort and group the results

Sort by relevance, creation date, modification date, media privacy, tags or keywords,...

You can also group these sortings into large sections, making the display of results even clearer.

Filter the results

  Filter with the facets

The facets allow you to refine the search and guide you by progressively narrowing down the results, making the search more relevant. You navigate intuitively, saving you precious time in finding the media you were looking for.

You can combine facets. For example, select a shooting date range and at the same time, a keyword, a collection in which the media can be found, or tags,...

Filter with the facets

Manage users and rights


Phrasea supports Keycloak


Phrasea relies on Keycloak to manage authentication, users, groups and access. 

Keycloak supports several standard protocols such as OAuth2, OpenID Connect, SAML and makes it easy to interconnect with your existing company directories.

The Keycloak integration in Phrasea enhances DAM security and user management, with a robust multi-factor authentication (MFA), fine-grained authorization management and Single Sign-On (SSO).

Fine-tuned rights management (ACL)

Each document has an owner who decides how visible the media will be (for himself, for all or part of his organization, or completely public). 

Customized visibility rules, tags are linked to user rights and also serve to restrict access to certain document categories.

ACL and fine rights management

Share and enhance

Web galleries publications

Expose is a mini CMS for publishing galleries with several customizable display templates.

Expose is designed to give access to an extract of your content without having to give access to your DAM, to humans or automated processes (API), either freely or  with authentication.

Expose is responsive and can be accessed from all devices (desktops, tablets and mobile phones).

Expose is a mini CMS for web galleries publications

Organize your publications using several possible levels of hierarchy. Navigate through the tree structure to view your media files. 


Give access to part of your media without having to give access to your DAM.

Access rights

View and download in public access, password-protected public access or authenticated access to an account base or corporate directory.


Direct download or by email, by unit or batch.

Terms and conditions 

Use specific Terms and Conditions of Use for each publication.


Choose a publication layout (gallery, wall of images, navigation by geographical location). Integrate your CSS designs from the administration interface, deployed dynamically.


Use of CDN,optimization of availability.

Online publishing

Automated on- and off-line setup.

Embed codes and iframes

To publish your assets on an external website. The embed code allows to display the media - for example a video from Phrasea, thanks to a specific URL. It is served by a CDN, enabling distribution to be efficiently relayed anywhere in the world.

Integrations and workflows


An embedded integration catalog makes it easy to create the integrations you wish.

  • RemoveBG 
  • AWS Recognition 
  • Transcribe 
  • Clarifai 


We have developed a workflow engine for Phrasea, programmable in low code with a simple syntax. You can setup the order as well as the events that are triggered. The events can be webhooks.

  • Job parallelism management and concurrency
  • Managing job failures and restarts 
  • Communication between jobs
  • Workflow visualization (real-time status)

Deployment and implementation 

Let's start!

Phrasea can be deployed in SaaS, but also on-Premise, with Docker or on Kubernetes, via Helm scripts or hybrid mode.

Create your workspaces, collections, define the fields lists and other parameters and start to add media files.

Phrasea is deployed with a basic configuration that you can configure to suit your needs.